The Prittlewell Princely Burial Gallery – a Review

Southend Central Museum has had a little revamp – its archaeology section has been updated with a more refreshed look and interpretation, with some new additions. Yes, ‘Southends King of Bling’, the Prittlewell Prince burial has returned home. Many of the archaeological artefacts uncovered during the original dig are now back home and on display where they belong.

To find out more about the Prittlewell Prince head over to my blog post ( The artefacts have been in London with MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) who conserved, catalogue and researched the items. Although originally on display in Southend when first discovered they needed to be looked at. This discovery held elaborate grave goods, which arguably could be said to be one of the richest Anglo Saxon burials discovered in the UK. 

They are now back in their hometown in a visually pleasing display. From the gold crosses, vases and other artefacts. The display was designed by Storm Creative. Photography is permitted (with no flash) and the staff and volunteers are very informative and enthusiastic about the display. Why should they not be? They are clearly proud to be able to show what could be described as the biggest discovery since Sutton Hoo.

There is a small pamphlet available to read while looking around along with a few postcards and a book written by the Museum of London, available in the gift shop. The rest of the archaeology display complements the Saxon king. There is still currently The London Shipwreck: A sunken story exhibition on until 20th July and upstairs at weekends there is the Planetarium.

For a free exhibition, (donations are very welcome) I urge people to go and see this beautiful display even if you are not a native to Southend. People have travelled from far and wide to see the display, which gives some indication of its significance and importance. And on a final note, they have Roman helmets to try on, what is the saying when in Rome…

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