An eerie account at Coalhouse Fort

It was not her first paranormal investigation, nor her first time at the Fort. She was invited along to be witness to any events that may happen during the investigation and to verify if anything that was picked up on if it was true. She had done some research into the general background of the first history and already knew some of it from her time as an education volunteer there.

Driving straight from her day job, she met her friends and the paranormal team at the fort where they had dinner provided for them in the small café before being briefed on who was in what group and how it was all going to work. She was excited as she always was when getting access to an historic site without anyone else being around. There was something about the echoing walls of castles and forts, especially when most people had gone home. She felt she could really get a grasp of the atmosphere.

The first half of the night was as normal as expected, some scenes, walking around with night vision cameras, seeing what the mediums were picking up while keeping quiet. The idea was to not say anything until the end of the night and when all the group had spoken about their experiences independently.

Eventually came her groups turn to sit in what is now the education room, full of tables and chairs with a flipchart at the opposite end and trays and drawers of stationary, as one expects in a classroom. She decided to sit back in the corner and just watch and record the three mediums, who were sitting on one of the tables discussing who was going to lead in the seance.

A few minutes into the sentence she began to feel the walls and shadows creeping forward as they do when in the darkness. Some light came from outside but only enough to make out the silhouettes of the mediums from where she sat. as she filmed, moving the camera around the room she felt the shadows draw closer and closer, and began to feel as if she was moving further away from the group. Slowly being drawn into the darkness. Her imagination? Quite possibly she thought but still unnerving and so she spoke up and told the group she was joining them on the table.

Shaking off the feeling of the shadows, the sentence continued with her sitting opposite one of the mediums, with another next to her. However she couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched and being in that dark corner of the room. Something kept drawing her eye to the black darkness where she once sat. maybe she had been sitting in the darkness too long and her eyes and mind were playing tricks. Or maybe someone was watching them. There was silence for a time in the room. The mediums had been calling out for a sign, a tap, anything to indicate there was someone present with them. It was only a few seconds but seemed like an age. The shadows began to creep up again and this time she began to rock, ever so slightly back and forth, not by choice. It took a while to realise she was doing this and the feeling of dread and darkness began once more. It was enough for her to jump up and leave the room as quickly as she could, leaving the camera behind on the table.

Outside, she began to take deep breaths of air, fresh air into her lungs. It felt as if the dark shadows had retreated and she looked up into the night sky at the moon and its light. Her friend, who was one of the mediums quickly followed her out asking if she was ok. Yes she replied, a bit shaken, feeling queasy but 100 times better since leaving that room. The other two mediums followed them out, repeating the same questions that had been asked, one putting a crystal necklace around her neck, for protection she said. At that moment it was time to reconvene all the groups together and take a half hour break.

Heading straight to the toilers she started to gag and felt as if she was going to be sick but brought nothing up. Again she kept telling herself it was most likely her imagination playing tricks and her body following suit.

The rest of the night seemed to go as expected with no real unnerving events. Some of the other teams had picked up on a few names and feelings of things that may have passed. What really changed the night was being in the tunnels. This time just our researcher and her friend. Wandering the cutting tunnels with their night cam and a small torch they were on the edge of excitement, curiosity and a slight feeling of nervousness. Would they pick anything up, or even better see something? Reaching the end of one of the tunnels, they saw a barrier which restricted their access. The rest of the tunnel was dilapidated and dangerous to explore so the two just stood and watched in the silence and darkness. They watched the tunnel, then the camera night vision then back to the dark. It could have been seconds or minutes but they both noticed a small, ever so faint light in the distance. Something they could see with their naked eye but not on camera. Looking back and forth, getting more nervous as to what it was. The medium grabbed our research arm and shouted RUN. Our teacher for a split second felt utter fear as to what her friend could see in the darkness. Then laughter ensued. It was a bat. The two ladies arguing in relief and at their stupidity of being scared of the dark. The laughter, when it stopped, seemed to cleanse the air for no more did our researcher feel the dark shadows creeping up behind her or the feeling of being warcjedfpr the rest of the night.

A few days later out research sent some of the photos she took of the ecoriro of the fort on her phone to hre friend. She had been looking though and thought she could see something in one of the photos that was very strange. She wanted to see if anyone noticed it. A few minutes later her messenger popped up, OMG it said, look in the middle window of the third picture. The hair on the back of our researchers hairs on the back of her neck began to stand on end. The window? That was not what she had spotted but she opened it and took another look and there in the photo was what seemed like an outline of a woman holding a young child. A silhoutte, no definitive proof of a spectre but still eerie to see, especially when one had not noticed it before. Her phone pinged again, THE ROOF, the message said this time. Our researcher’s gut churned as it was the roof where she had spotted a figure atop off. The roof where there was no access to, the roof in daylight is clear of any debris, aerials or plants which could appear to be a silhouette. the roof where a shoulder of a man stood in the photo. Even her dad, who was not really a believer, said he could make out what seemed to be a human shape. Our researcher closed the photo on her phone and decided to put it from her mind.

a couple weeks passed with our researcher following the leads that the mediums picked up from the investigation. SHe had not found much to correlate what had been found. However, to play devil’s advocate neath did it disprove some of it either. sHe found herself one day looking at the newspaper archives and seeing what came up when one out coalhouse fort in. there were a number of hits. like she usually did she changed the word combination and added death in there too. This time an account came up of a man fallen to his death from the roof. He was showing off for a lady who was visiting him and lost his footing. our researcher was surprised to find this. she was jot expecting to find what in effect could corroborate the silhouette in the photo to portrait actually being a spectre of the past. bUt here it was in black and white, something which could have been a coincidence or if you believe evidence of the paranormal.

I myself have always been on the fence with ghosts and ghouls. I neither fully believe or disbelieve. the mind is a very creative thing which can convince us of many things. Or is that what we want to tell ourselves? Who knows. What our researcher felt when returning to the fort for a volunteer training exercise is eyes watching her from the roof and eyes watching her from the shadows of the disused hospital block now fenced up due to it being dangerous, and an eerie feeling in the education room, enough that she did not want to be on her own while there.

history is everywhere and therefore why can it not leave an echo of its past?

I hope you have enjoyed my eerie halloween experience. Happy Halloween to all my readers, I hope whatever you are doing is safe and enjoyable.

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