Monasteries to Madness – the history of the hospital

Today in the UK going to hospital when seriously ill or injured is a normal expected occurrence. However, did you know the hospital had its origins in the monastic religious houses?  The origin of the word hospital comes from the latin word –  “hospes”, which stands for “a guest or visitor”  – which is meant… Read More Monasteries to Madness – the history of the hospital

London Bridge is broken down…..

The development of London Bridge London Bridge is falling down,Falling down, falling down,London Bridge is falling down,My fair lady. Did you know the original poem went like this…. London Bridge is broken down,Gold is won and bright renown.Shields resoundingWar Horns Sounding,Hildur shouting in the din!Arrows singing,Mailcoats ringing –Odin makes our Olaf win! Written by Ottar… Read More London Bridge is broken down…..